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posted 9 May 2018, 05:00 by Site Editor   [ updated 9 May 2018, 05:02 by Ms. Burgoyne ]

chool Resources:
  • NYC School Finder ( 12 choices for your High School Application on your mobile or desktop device. Find high schools based on what your interests are, where you live, and more. Search for programs with Round 2 availability!
  • High School Directory
    • NYC High School Directory | Citywide
    • NYC High School Directory | Bronx
    • NYC High School Directory | Brooklyn
    • NYC High School Directory | Manhattan
    • NYC High School Directory | Queens
    • NYC High School Directory | Staten Island
  • Specialized High Schools
    • Specialized High Schools Student Handbook
  • Other Resources
    • 2018 Round 2 Program List
    • A Guide for Families of Students with Disabilities
    • Visual and Performing Arts High Schools: Preparing Your Audition / Arts Portfolio
    • High School Admissions Workbook
    • High School Admissions Presentation
    • Specialized High Schools Admissions Presentation
  • PDFs of the 2019 NYC High School Directory and the Specialized High Schools Student Handbook, including translated versions, will be available online on the Resources Page by late May.