School Information

Leonardo Da Vinci Intermediate School 61
98-50 50th Ave
Corona, New York 11368
(718) 760-3233

School Principal

Mr. J. Lisa

Academy Principals

Cornell - Mrs. N. Cracchiolo extension 416
Harvard - Ms. J. Cruz extension 288
Harvard - Mr. Spink extension 222
Princeton - Mrs. N. Manno extension 233
Princeton - Mr. S. Thomas extension 241
Stanford - Mrs. S. Eddings  extension 316
Yale - Mrs. A. Ahmed extension 188

Academy Deans

Cornell - Mr. Espinal extension 406
Harvard Mr. Bunze extension 207
Princeton - Mr. Nisonoff extension 249
Stanford - Ms. Montanes extension 310
Yale Mr. Robles extension 261

Academy Guidance Counselors

Cornell - Mr. Torres extension 436
Harvard - Mr. Guzman extension 204
Princeton - Ms. Gladstone extension 245
Stanford - Mr. Natale & Ms. Pasquenza extension 306
Yale - Ms. DiSalvo extension 168

Respect for All (RFA) Liaison

Guidance Counselor, Joseph Natale extension 306

Academy Entrance/Exit

Cornell - 99th Street at the security gate 

Harvard - 50th Avenue near the main entrance

Princeton - Christie Avenue near the corner of 99th Street

Stanford 99th Street at the security gate 

Yale - 50th Avenue near the school parking lot

Cell Phone Policy
Each school's Leadership Team has been given the task of creating the cell phone policy for their individual school. Therefore, cell phone policies will differ for each school. In creating the cell phone policy for IS 61, the School Leadership Team took into account New York State testing regulations which states that during the administration of any State exam, students cannot be in possession of any electronic device. Any student who is found with an electronic device during a state test runs the risk of having their exam invalidated. The IS 61 School Leadership Team met on September 17th to review IS 61's existing cell phone policy. The Leadership Team unanimously agreed to the follow cell phone policy outlined below: 
  -Students have always and will continue to be allowed to bring their cell phone to school. However, it must be turned off and out of sight during the school day. This means that students cannot text, chat, take videos, photos, or post anything on social media during the school day, unless otherwise authorized by a school staff member. This policy includes school functions like trips and dances.  
-There may be times when the cell phone can be used for instructional purposes during the school day. When these occasions arise a school staff member must give the students permission as well as monitor the use of the cell phone.  
-According to New York State Regulations, students cannot be in possession of any electronic device during the administration of any State exam. Any student who is found with an electronic device runs the risk of having their exam invalidated. In an effort to prevent this, students will be asked to surrender all electronic devices to a school staff member prior to the start of any New York State exam. On New York State testing days the device(s) will be returned to the student before the end of the school day.  
-Any student, who uses their phone to video text, chat, take videos, photos, or post anything on social media are subject to the consequences set in the Department of Education's Internet Policy and Discipline Code. 
-Any unauthorized use of a cell phone during the school day will result in the device being confiscated. The School Leadership Team created the stipulation that once the device is confiscated, it can only be redeemed by an adult whose name appears on the student’s Emergency Blue Card. 
If there is an emergency situation, students are encouraged to contact a school staff member who will allow them to use a school phone or cell phone to contact a family member. Any parent who needs to contact their child, should call the school at 718-760-3233 and a message will be given to your child.  
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new IS 61 cell phone policy, which will be effective immediately, please contact the school for more information.  

School Grading Policy

60% - Departmental Assessments

40% - Student Performance (Classwork, Homework, Projects, etc.)

School Hours and Bell Schedule


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