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Open School Night

posted 17 Sep 2018, 10:47 by Joseph Lisa   [ updated 20 Sep 2018, 13:03 by Kevin Burgoyne ]

Open School Night will be on Thursday, September 20th from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Come meet your child's teachers and set an appointment for your child's student led conference in November. 

Welcome Back!

posted 6 Sep 2018, 13:52 by Kevin Burgoyne   [ updated 6 Sep 2018, 13:52 ]

It was great to see everyone return this week!  I wish everyone a wonderful start to what will be an exciting year.

Have a great summer vacation!

posted 11 Jul 2018, 06:33 by Site Editor   [ updated 11 Jul 2018, 06:33 ]

To all students, parents, staff, and other Da Vinci community members, have a restful, safe, and healthy summer.  We look forward to seeing you in September!

Click Here to Receive Information about NYC High Schools

posted 9 May 2018, 05:00 by Site Editor   [ updated 9 May 2018, 05:02 ]

chool Resources: 

  • NYC School Finder (schoolfinder.nyc.govExplore 12 choices for your High School Application on your mobile or desktop device. Find high schools based on what your interests are, where you live, and more. Search for programs with Round 2 availability!
  • High School Directory
    • NYC High School Directory | Citywide
    • NYC High School Directory | Bronx
    • NYC High School Directory | Brooklyn
    • NYC High School Directory | Manhattan
    • NYC High School Directory | Queens
    • NYC High School Directory | Staten Island
  • Specialized High Schools
    • Specialized High Schools Student Handbook
  • Other Resources
    • 2018 Round 2 Program List
    • A Guide for Families of Students with Disabilities
    • Visual and Performing Arts High Schools: Preparing Your Audition / Arts Portfolio
    • High School Admissions Workbook
    • High School Admissions Presentation
    • Specialized High Schools Admissions Presentation
  • PDFs of the 2019 NYC High School Directory and the Specialized High Schools Student Handbook, including translated versions, will be available online on the Resources Page by late May. 

Teacher Appreciation Day!

posted 8 May 2018, 07:28 by Joseph Lisa   [ updated 9 May 2018, 05:01 by Site Editor ]

Thank you to all of you who have made a difference in the lives of our students. 

College and Career Kick Off!

posted 7 May 2018, 05:05 by Joseph Lisa   [ updated 9 May 2018, 05:01 by Site Editor ]

Today our 7th graders will be participating in the big College and Career Kick Off Celebration! Proactively planning our future today!

Spring Break

posted 29 Mar 2018, 10:03 by Site Editor   [ updated 29 Mar 2018, 10:03 ]

We would like to wish all Da Vinci community members a wonderful Spring Break!  Use the break to catch up on well-deserved rest, so you are prepared to strongly finish up the school year.  We will see you on April 9th!

Chancellor's Message

posted 15 Feb 2018, 11:28 by Site Editor   [ updated 15 Feb 2018, 11:28 ]

Please click here to access the Letter to Families from Chancellor Fariña on the tragic school shooting in Broward County, Florida.

Happy Holidays!

posted 23 Dec 2017, 06:59 by Site Editor   [ updated 23 Dec 2017, 07:00 ]

All of us at I.S. 61 would like to wish you a wonderful holiday break and a very Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2018!

Election Day

posted 3 Nov 2017, 10:10 by Site Editor   [ updated 3 Nov 2017, 10:10 ]

Please be reminded that school is not in session for students on November 7th, Election Day.  We look forward to seeing the students on November 8th.

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